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Contraband (2004)

The first and the most appealing album for most of us and most of you. The album has been known for massive popularity and for impressive songs that are simply said, hits, period. The band was able to provide extraordinary creation of music and the elements that will impress your ears and your mood. We want to present the album in question as to the first one and the one that deserves special attention. Be free to start listening to one or two songs from this album and to gain all the details about each, specific songs in the details of the site.

Libertad (2007)

It’s another, an extremely popular and desirable album that has been appreciated across the planet. Now is your moment to enjoy listening to all the possible songs that come from this era and probably changed the world as we know it today. Now, you can become a part of that history and finally understand the importance. The album is still popular and still considered as one of the best Velvet Revolver were able to produce. It is the great ability being able to listen to this music and to keep it as a part of your life. All of that is possible thanks to us and you don’t need to say thank you.

The best of

What if you are interested in the best songs only? Then you will need to add the third album to your playlist. Here, we compiled a list of the best songs from the first two albums and the first years of the band. All you have to do now is to click play and you are done. The music will start playing in a completely new atmosphere and you will enjoy the sounds that were sadly forgotten by some of us.


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Sugar studio

22th of November 2019

New York City

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Sparta Club

21st of December 2019

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10th of January 2020


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Enjoy some of the most desirable videos of all times and be able to get the details regarding the band and so much more in visual form.

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Happy man


Persia prince




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Overcome The Common CBD Myths And Misconceptions

CBD has always been shrouded in doubts and misconceptions. A lot of people still frown upon its usage even after so many scientific discoveries that have highlighted the immense amount of medical benefits that this compound offers. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and it doesn’t make you feel high. There are a variety of products that are made from this compound and are widely used for treating medical issues like, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc.

There are different ways to take CBD for medicinal purposes and one of the most popular forms is vaping it. CBD vape juice can be bought from websites like and can be used for medicinal purposes. According to experts, vaping is a better way for the intake of CBD’s medicinal properties.

Ever since its introduction, there has been constant myths and backlashes related to CBD. There are large numbers of people that still believe that it’s an intoxicating substance. Mentioned below are some myths and misconception related to CBD.

Psychoactivity is an adverse side effect

Psychoactivity can be described as the feeling of being high that one gets after consuming any cannabis-based product. People have been declaring that as a side effect from a long time but in reality, it is a very important part of the therapeutic properties of the compound. Psychoactivity helps people in facing depression, anxiety and sleep issues in a much positive way than regular medicines do.

CBD converts to THC in your stomach

This myth is completely bogus. THC and CBD are 2 completely different types of compounds. There has been a lot of research on this topic and always CBD has been clean, and instead of converting to THC, CBD is scientifically proven to reduce the effects of THC from the human body. CBD, when taken in prescribed dosage or even higher, can provide you with alertness which is just polar opposite of what THC does.

Single-molecule medicines are better than crude (whole plant) CBD medicines

According to the FDA, there are specific parts of the marijuana plant that hold medical benefits, but the plant as a whole does not possess any medical value. Different parts of Cannabis plant contain different medicinal compounds which make the whole plant very vital. The thing is that if all the benefits of cannabis are to be legalized, big pharma companies are going to take a major hit as a lot of their medicine related to anxiety, pain relief, stomach issues, and Alzheimer’s will become of no use due to the fact that the compounds found in Cannabis plant are more effective.

CBD doesn’t help with sleep issues

This is the most common argument of a person who is against the use of CBD. CBD, if taken in mild dosage can be energizing and if taken in high doses, there is a chance of being sedated depending upon a lot of factors. High dosage of CBD can cause a bit of sleepiness which is due to the myrcene-rich terpene content. Although it is not inherently sedating, it can be used to improve sleep patterns.  

Velvet Revolver – Slither (Official Video)

Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces (Official Video)

The Rise of Velvet Revolver. The documentary film.


The secret that is obvious. The musicians who made this epic music.



Duff McKagan

Backing vocal and bass

Matt Sorum

Backing vocal and drums

Dave Kushner

Rhythm guitar

Scott Weiland

Singer and songwriter